CBM Imballaggi is the Chimar Group’s specialist
company in the design and manufacturing of
cardboard and paper packaging.

CBM Cardboard packaging

Founded in 1978, CBM is a specialist company in cardboard processing and integrated services. CBM prides itself on being proactive towards its customers’ requests, seeking the best balance between technical requirements and packaging costs, while working with the best raw material suppliers in the world.

CBM’s support team can meet customers’ various needs, providing pre and post-sales advice and packaging optimisation. Special attention has been paid in recent years to the environment, rolling out a line of reusable “e-BOX” crates, replacing traditional disposable packaging.

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Heavy cardboard boxes

Die-Cut Packaging

Bonded Packaging

Cardboard pallets

Foam lined boxes

Boxes for hazardous goods

Boxes for the wine industry

Boxes for the clothing industry

Packaging accessories


Cad Cam design with finished sampling

Calculation, design and optimisation

Special assembly processing

Combinations with other materials, wood and polyethylene foam

Customised printing

Customised approval service

CBM can provide valuable support when choosing customised packaging solutions thanks to its experience developed over the years and extensive knowledge of packaging materials. We offer integrated consultancy in the design of packaging solutions for all products.
Chimar looks after your products, even the most delicate or fragile ones, providing protection and transportation.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Our Company has always placed great attention on the quality of our products and services, on transparent relationships and on solid results with an ethical approach to our work.
Our daily work is driven by product and service innovation, as well as by our desire to know what customers need so they are increasingly satisfied and stay with us.
The continuous improvement of our products, services and internal processes is a lifestyle and creates a positive environment so that this practice is constantly promoted, stimulated and facilitated. It must represent our vision of “believing in quality” as a value of our professionalism to improve our satisfaction and safeguard the needs of our internal and external customers.
A quality environment will be created by applying this policy with common sense and an ethical, honest and engaged approach. All our employees are part of the CBM team, so we need to communicate clearly, recognise their merits and never undermine individual efforts.
I am sure that if we can interpret this vision of quality and embrace the impetus and any potential complaints from our customers, we will improve our performance and tackle the market challenges of the next few years.

certificato 9001 CBM

FSC® Certification

CBM has obtained FSC® certification.

This certification means we can mark our products with the prestigious FSC® label and ensure customers that we are committed to the environment in all respects.
The packaging provided with a product when it’s delivered is the first impression a company makes on the market. Its choice of packaging is therefore an important step that must take various factors into account, one of which must be respect for forests and the environment.
Using paper and cardboard from forests that are protected based on principles recognised all around the world helps spread this new business culture and protect the environment, which is part of all our heritage.
CBM believes in pursuing these goals and consequently, since 2014, we have been FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®), an organisation which promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests, guaranteeing, for example, that the paper and cardboard used in packaging production come from responsibly managed forests.

Where to find us

CPS Packaging Solutions Via Canova, 14, 20094 Corsico (MI) – ITALY
Tel. +39 059 8579680 – Fax. +39 02 91390293 – info@cpsimballaggi.it

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