Certifications: proof of good conduct.

The certifications we’ve achieved are proof that our way of interacting with customers and looking after their products is done in the fairest way and aims to satisfy both parties.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality

Our great attention on the quality of our products and services offered, on clear, transparent relationships with customers and on solid results, without losing sight of our ethical approach to our work, have meant we have been able to achieve the most important quality certification in our sector.

Certificato 9001 CHIMAR SPA


FITOK certification is the highest guarantee that a company can offer on its environmental protection policies. Companies are only allowed to use the FAO’s FITOK and ISPM 15 labels after a strict inspection from the ICILA, which certifies compliance with the necessary requirements, proving that the wood used for packaging has been treated to prevent the spread of harmful organisms. This certification helps speed up movement through customs and guarantees full respect for the environment as well as the safeguarding of forests for sustainable development.

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Products labelled with this major prestigious certification prove our company’s commitment to the environment in all respects. Using timber from forests that are protected based on principles recognised all around the world helps spread a business culture that sees protecting the environment as an essential, fundamental value.

Certificato PEFC


This certification means CBM can mark our products with the prestigious FSC® label and ensure Customers that we are committed to the environment in all respects.
The packaging provided with a product when it’s delivered is the first impression a company makes on the market. Its choice of packaging is therefore an important step that must take various factors into account, one of which must be respect for forests and the environment.
Using paper and cardboard from forests that are protected based on principles recognised all around the world helps spread this new business culture and protect the environment, which is part of all our heritage.
CBM believes in pursuing these goals and consequently, since 2014, we have been FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®), an organisation which promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests, guaranteeing, for example, that the paper and cardboard used in packaging production come from responsibly managed forests.


This certification guarantees that packaging is produced in full compliance with the standard set by French regulations, which has over time become the European benchmark for tailor-made industrial packaging. Any packaging with this certification has the benefit of being covered by a special insurance policy. We are the only Italian and the first non-French company to have obtained this certification.

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CHIMAR SpA successfully completed this certification process on 20th January 2009, involving 4 audits to achieve the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).
This EU certification programme applies to economic operators and their business partners who operate in the international supply chain, i.e. exporting manufacturers/producers, packers, forwarding agents/hauliers, customs agents, carriers and importers which, as part of their business, are involved in export activities.
The operators who acquire AEO status rank higher than other operators as they are considered reliable and safe in the supply chain by the customs authorities given that they have been assessed beforehand.
Their reliability within the EU and AEO/safety status are granted after special checks/audits are carried out by the national customs authorities (for Italy this is the Agenzia delle Dogane), which proves they comply with customs obligations and accounting system criteria, while also being financially solvent and meeting appropriate safety standards.
However, once they are granted AEO status, economic operators can enjoy direct and indirect advantages and benefits for any customs-related operations in place. The role of this operator will also become increasingly important over the following months.

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