We offer a complete service ranging from receipt of goods to their classification, from packaging and packing to transport and shipping. We can carefully and conveniently resolve any problem, organising shipping by air, land, sea and rail, following the most stringent safety standards down to the smallest detail.

Type of services:


Inbound Logistics

Our logistics services work together and complement each other to create strategic, competitive and functional support for customers. This is what we can guarantee, provide and create:

  1. Arrival and acceptance of goods.
  2. Inspections: quality control and checks.
  3. Packaging: creation of the packaging and the storage unit.
  4. Storage of goods.
  5. Storage
  6. Production supply and Kanban logistics: warehouse and supermarket management with relevant positioning of goods on pyramid displays.


Outbound Logistics

Picking: based on the specific nature of the material and the customer’s service level, we can handle the picking through different techniques.

Packaging: we can simulate information such as weight and volume of materials by using specific tools; this analysis lets us identify the best packaging for shipping even before the material is collected from the warehouse. The order is packaged and checked out in accordance with the operational procedures shared with the customer; we make every effort to ensure the products are taken care of by using packaging accessories that can protect the integrity of the cargo all throughout its transit to its destination.

Shipping: by using WMS tools, we are able to identify individual shipping units along with all the materials they contain during the check-out phase; we can calculate the position of the units to guarantee the correct unloading sequence, optimising all the space in the pick-up vehicles. We can guarantee the right shipping when loading the vehicle by checking off the goods via radio frequency.


Aftermarket Logistics

Direct After Market Logistics
Unloading and acceptance.
Primary packaging: an added value service for packaging material from suppliers to protect it within the supply chain, with an extra benefit in terms of branding.
Material storage.
Outbound order tracking and entry: through customer ERP/Web Portal/Entry following a Call. Picking.

Check-out and packaging: choice of the optimum shipping method to guarantee the materials are protected and the outgoing vehicles are full.
Material routing.

Reverse After Market Logistics

We guarantee efficiency because we design all of the product.

Rotation: the material is collected and reprocessed by the client through the reconditioning channel. Warranty: any non-compliant material is collected within the warranty period.

Customer Services.
External: to B2B or B2C customers through order entry, order tracking and complaint management. Internal: to the client for priority management and order tracking.

Inventory Control Management.
Inventory checks.
Cycle counts + Wall 2 Wall: a way of aligning the book and physical inventories of the material in the warehouse.
Stock analysis: checking stock codes and stock levels to optimise shipping lead times through availability, reducing any capital tied up at the warehouse.

Extra services.
Sub-Assembly Services.
Services for the assembly and inspection of individual components that form the complete end product.
Kitting Services.
Services for the composition of semi-finished products or end products for components collected from the warehouse.


Sub-Assembly Services

Services for the assembly and inspection of individual components that form the complete end product.

Kitting Services

Services for the composition of semi-finished products or end products for components collected from the warehouse.

Co-Packing Services

Services such as packaging, wrapping and labelling performed for customers, which group together various products in the same package, including inside displays for promotional and display purposes.

Everybody has manpower, forklifts and shelves…we have the integrated logistics. The advantages: indisputable and concrete

We are not just packaging suppliers, but want to be known as a partner who can design and formulate alternatives which can bring a real benefit to the customer’s business. We are advocates of zero-mile logistics: by integrating products and services, we can offer complete solutions, from packaging to shipping, while optimising all logistical requirements, including storage. Boxes, wood and plastic: our technical offices are at the customer’s service and can protect products without any material restrictions.

We offer full dialogue capabilities thanks to the use of WMS IT systems that are compatible with the customer’s systems.

We monitor everything thanks to material flow traceability through technologies such as radio frequency, voice speaking and RFID.

No Mark-up: We don’t buy any packaging from intermediaries.

No Mark-up: We don’t buy any packaging from intermediaries.

Just in time: Production and delivery of the necessary packaging just for incoming materials. This involves: reducing storage areas, restricting any unnecessary handling and lowering stock capital.

Integrated services
We can act as a black box that works all across the customer’s supply chain.

Flexible services
We can scale volumes depending on the fluctuations of material flows.

Scalable services
We can grow, sustainably and efficiently guaranteeing the desired service level.

Chimar’s DNA as both a packaging manufacturer and logistics operator brings substantial benefits!

Zero-Mile Logistics

We localise logistics centres depending on the customer’s needs, finding a central location in terms of incoming and outgoing material flows:

Less distance for the product to travel. [Sustainable goods mobility]
[Mobilità sostenibile delle merce]

Promoting the region. [The region for its people]
[Il territorio alle sue persone]

Green products [PEFC and FSC certified with recycled waste]
[certificato PEFC e FSC con scarto riutilizzato]


We have 156,000 sqm of property, including 72,000 sqm of covered facilities, spread over 12 logistics centres, for temporary storage and warehouse management of spare parts and end products. We work alongside our customers in all respects and we know how to respond promptly to the volumes demanded by the market.


Sqm of dedicated covered area


No. of pallet spaces


No. of automatic warehouses


No. of logistic shuttles for customer connections

We do everything with the best transport.

We know no barriers and have no boundaries. We can deliver any type of product by air, sea, land or rail. We monitor every metre travelled and oversee the goods until they reach their destination, checking and inspecting them once they have been unloaded at the designated location.

– We plan and carry out all types of special transportation: load optimisation, loading plans, document management and authorisation.
– We ship by air and sea, working with the biggest airlines and maritime companies.
– We work directly with specialist staff for both imports and exports.