Packaging accessories

Everything you need to protect your product.

We can design customised systems for any packaging. We can protect all types of goods, always finding a tailor-made solution. With over 10,000 models, we can guarantee maximum safety and create the best packaging solution, together with the customer without any material restrictions.

We can package anything


Packaging and protection requirements can vary enormously; at the same time, possible solutions can also range depending on the expertise, experience and professionalism of the people providing them. CPS Packaging Solutions can offer solutions and ideas before any products; solutions and ideas that can solve your problem and save you time (and perhaps money). That’s why it’s not easy to pigeon-hole all the End-of-Line range by CPS Packaging Solutions into just a few categories; – Self-inflating bags, polyurethane foam, tubular netting, ShockWatch and TiltWatch, pressed cardboard angles and templates; – Corrugated cardboard dividers and rolls of corrugated cardboard; – Polyethylene foam templates and trays; – Bubble wrap, coloured bubble wrap, manual and machine-processed stretch wrap, heat-shrink wrap, sheets and rolls of closed-cell polyethylene foam; – Acrylic and Hot Melt adhesive tape, including customisations; – Virgin and recycled plastic pallets; – Iron, polypropylene and polyester thread straps, manual and automatic strapping machines, fasteners; – Tarpaulins for coverage and protection, bonded aluminium + bubble wrap, foam, etc; – Bonded barrier and clay or silica gel desiccants; – Crepe paper, poly-coated paper, tar paper, silicone paper, non-slip paper, sheets and rolls of industrial wax paper; – Heat-sealing pliers, guillotine cutters, etc.

Shockproof and ControlCorrugated cardboardFoamPolyethylene filmAdhesive tapePlastic palletsStraps and Strapping machinesTarpaulins for coverage and protection

Closed-cell – Polyethylene foam
Bubble wrap – Shockproof polyethylene
Stretch wrap – Manual and Automatic
Heat-shrink polyethylene
Layer pads / Dividers
Trays and Sheets
Polypropylene straps
Iron straps
Polyester thread straps
Strapping accessories
Acrylic PP adhesive tape
Hot Melt PP adhesive tape
Instapak Quick RT
Tubular netting
Self-extinguishing tarpaulin
Bonded alu + bubble wrap
Bonded alu + foam
Schockwatch e Tiltwatch
Pressed cardboard angles and templates
UNIVERSAL plastic pallets
ONEWAY plastic pallets
POOL plastic pallets
AIRFREIGHT plastic pallets
H1 plastic pallets
Cardboard pallets


The variety of food on the market is increasing day by day: baked goods, frozen products, meat, cheese, etc, and food manufacturers are developing new products almost every day. The CPS Packaging Solutions range for the food industry offers various separating and pre-formed paper solutions. These include greaseproof, heat-resistant and non-stick paper and cardboard, all especially made for contact with food. We can also develop customised solutions so we can meet all market demands and customer needs.


CU 2 / U 2

Oven-proof cardboard

Greaseproof paper

Greaseproof dividers


Frying pan paper

Frying paper