Reusable packaging

The perfect packaging to organise your warehouse.

We can design customised systems for any packaging. We can protect all types of goods, always finding a tailor-made solution. With over 10,000 models, we can guarantee maximum safety and create the best packaging solution, together with the customer without any material restrictions.

We can package anything


Made with 20 mm dried, planed wood with 1.5 mm thick galvanised steel hinges fixed with hammered rivets, stackable to form the desired height. Useful for both warehousing and handling.

Lightweight, foldable and reusable Modular height with customisable printing Internal wooden dividers with steel fasteners Flexible for storage

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E-Boxes are containers that can be stacked and assembled. Reusable packaging is the complete response to distribution and storage processes. All the constituent parts can be assembled in just a few seconds and once they’ve been reused they are 100% recyclable. E-Boxes are made from three elements: · base: 4-way pallet made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with 4 latches to lock the perimeter · perimeter: 14 mm anti-moisture triple-wall cardboard or 10 mm honeycomb PP

Featuring slots for the latches on the base and lid · high-density polyethylene lid (HDPE) with 4 safety latches to lock the perimeter. The upper section is designed so that several e-Boxes can be stacked on top.

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Plastic pallets.

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